Exciting news!

We are now stockists for Haypigs! cage enrichment items. Circus themed, high quality cage toys and feeding bowls to entertain amuse and enliven your pet's life. Suitable for other small caged animals too! 

All items are made from top quality fleece or are a sturdy wooden structure - all pet safe to snuggle and chew! Chewing / gnawing is a vital part of guinea pigs and hamsters lives and is essential for their health and well being. 

We hold the complete range. A great present for your pet's holiday, birthday or...just because!

Contact free payment and collection. You don't have to board here to buy. Available to all!  


Mini Food Bowl                                     £6.99

Vegetable Kebab Maker                       £7.99

(Special offer)

Large Food Bowl                                  £8.99

Circus Treat Ball                                   £9.99

(Our best seller!)

Tilting Tunnels - two designs            £11.99 each

Piggy Fleece Lap Pad / Crash Mat      £14.99

Circus Fleece Hidey Hut                      £22.95

Hay Wagon                                          £24.99

All items are sealed inside a logoed plastic bag and are sanitised before leaving the premises.


Inside The Ark    

A piggy paradise for all your cavy needs!  

When we opened Candy's Animal Ark we had no idea how many lovely friends we would make, both animal and human!

Our main aim was to provide an outstanding service at a price that wouldn't break the bank for you and most importantly to provide a five star holiday for all your pets that would be both practical and luxurious without being silly. From the feedback we have been receiving and by the number of returning customers it seems we must be doing something right.

Thank you for supporting us in this venture, we really value your custom.

We hope you will continue to bring your much loved furry to us and we will continue to provide the high standards you have so far experienced at Candy's Animal Ark.

 Some of you will already have seen Percy!  She has become something of a mascot for Candy's Animal Ark. A female, (yes we know Percy is a male name but she came as that and it is staying!) is an African Grey Timneh, and arrived as a boarder but needing a new home. Her owners allowed us to become her new Mum and Dad. 

She has no toes as her mother pecked them off when she was a chick!!   She has the freedom of the Ark however, her cage is always open and she can come and go, fly (although she's still reluctant) or play. She has improved enormously over the last few years, whistling, singing and dancing and rattling her play stick along the cage.

We love her to bits but a word of warning, Percy is a moody teenager and she does bite if you stick your fingers too close. For those of you with bird phobias, don't worry, all our birds are safely in when visitors are expected. 

We are delighted that Candy's Animal Ark has proved, so far, to be such a success. This cottage industry was born to create a place for Laura in the animal care market where little or no vacancies existed. With today's financial climate it was a brave thing to do but its success is mainly due to Laura's very hard work and continuing expertise with animals.  

Please see our opening hours on our Details and Location page. We would make a respectful request that telephone calls are kept to normal working hours (9am-6pm only). That 10pm call isn't at all welcome!!  We go "off air" at 6pm and are not available after this time. Thank you.

We feel privileged to be trusted with your furry family member and thank you for your continued custom.

Percy hanging from her favourite swing rope.